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No sketchdumps in a few weeks after this sssssooooooo here we go

aaaaahahaha I blame alexds3's cool posetutorial. With chinchillas.

slightly nsfw
Mostly fanartwhoring this time :( (bleach keroro op samurai 7 gurren lagann ff5 pokemon.. ugh..)

The bending guy is drawn unconsciously while chatting with someone else O: Fun.
We ♥ Katamayuri

Mansikki is finnish and means.. uh, Strawberrykins? It's a popular name for a cow around here. And thus that is what I call Ichigo.
Such a useless image. But I just wanted to tell you that tiny fact /nod

pre-evo for drowzee and evo for hypno? we're entering a dangerous realm here..

lots of pokemon drawn without reference. check out the tangela pre-evo.
Erik is my pokemon oc. he's swedish and really faboulous.

Kittan and Yumichika without reference..

I love making up my own engrish

this is for hi_nemi I guess

obligatory one piece fanart

woo originals finally!
Viktor and Scott's and Hilla's parents. and my night desk.

Oh god I spoke too soon.
I have no words for the amount of geekery this image holds. :(
But I am very fond of Leeroron.

FF5! Butz the black maaaage plus some originals in the middle (all nameless)

More FF5! Also my character Balalaika in the bottom

Happy Halloween from Hisoka. (Yeah these are a bit old.) And Illiam and Ruth partying out. She's a werewolf, not an anthro!

That's enough I think.

Have a nice holiday!
Tags: art, fanart: bleach, fanart: eyeshield 21, fanart: ff5, fanart: gurren lagann, fanart: hunter x hunter, fanart: keroro gunso, fanart: one piece, fanart: pokemon, fanart: samurai 7, original: marlene, original: ouko, original: reginald, original: viktor, original: william, story: en tu thrie, story: mai miserie
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